• Welcome to Bath - Avril 2016

    In the morning we left Wells and we went to Bath and we arrived at 9.30, we waited for the guide and then we started the guided tour of Bath on our coach and we saw many monuments like the Royal Crescent and Queen Square, or the Circus.The architecture of the city is amazing and it was very cool.
    Lucas H and Fanny T
    Today , Wednesday 27th April we visited the Roman Baths in Bath.It was beautiful ! There was water in a little swimming-pool, it was very hot because there was a spring of (...)

  • Welcome to Cardiff - Avril 2016

    Our feelings about the trip
    Today we visited the Welsh Folk Museum and it was beautiful, in the afternoon we went shopping.
    Today we visited Cardiff. It was cool but it rained, Cardiff is a beautiful city.
    The last two days were good but the weather was so-so. London and Cardiff were very nice. We had a good time. The family is nice .Tomorrow we will go to Bath .
    Emma and Alicia
    This day was great beacause we visited many things, the gardens we saw were (...)

  • Welcome to London - Avril 2016

    We arrived this morning at about 5 o’clock in London, the driver dropped us next to BIG BEN, it was so nice to walk in the dark cold atmosphere ( very cold and windy), then we walked to Buckingham Palace where we had breakfast, it was so calm....then we walked down the Mall to go to the National Gallery, the game we played was very interesting, thanks Mrs Barritaud, and Covent Garden, briefly we walked walked walked and the teachers were very nice as usual.
    Pour faire court, tout va bien, (...)